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Offer your products directly where teachers are active, without any detours.

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You can't get any closer to your customers with your products. In our marketplace, you can reach teachers and learners directly where their everyday life takes place. Customers can purchase your products here and use them directly on Edupool. Edupool is one of the largest platforms for educational content in germany.
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How it works
With over 100.000 offerings, Edupool is the largest platform for educational content in germany. Learners and teachers can research, stream, and edit their desired content according to licensing agreements. Of course, everything is done in compliance with the agreements with the licensors. Take advantage of our offer and upload your media directly for purchase on the marketplace.
Diagramm des Edupool-Produkts

01 — Media attributes

Each media in Edupool consists of a metadata set (annotations such as title, description, target audience, language, etc.) and the corresponding files (MP4 video, MP3 audio, PDF documents, HTML pages, thumbnails, etc.).

02 — Media management in Edupool Publisher

Edupool Publisher is the backend for producers, where media is uploaded, metadata is imported, and licenses are managed. Instead of file uploads, we also provide interfaces to integrate with your existing programs. This is particularly relevant for textbooks and web applications. In all cases, the corresponding media automatically appear in the marketplace.

03 — Publication on Edupool Marketplace

Edupool Marketplace is the frontend for your customers. Your target audience continues to be media centers of states and districts, as well as teachers and students. This ensures the maximum availability of all educational content for all end customers. In the marketplace, all available media, books, and apps from all providers are equally visible. It is the complete catalog connected to all existing Edupool instances of states and districts. This way, schools in 13 federal states are reached directly.

04 — Purchase process

You can integrate your own webshop with our marketplace via an interface or distribute your media, apps, and books directly through the marketplace. Publishers can decide whether they want to use an automatic licensing process during purchase or if buyers will be prompted to manually enter an activation code. You can also manually enter all media licenses.

05 — Statistics and support in Edupool Publisher

As a producer, you have access to comprehensive usage data and can also benefit from customer support provided by Edupool. Billing based on revenue, download traffic, or quantities is subject to individual contractual agreements.

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